The UK is a small, highly developed country, with established trucking routes and a regional (back-to-base) distribution system. The UK is perfect for CNG as it boasts a 6,300km network of high pressure (LTS) gas pipeline, which closely tracks the major trucking routes.

By utilising unique IP for connections to the LTS, developed by our partner CNG Services, CNG Fuels will be able to provide the cleanest, cheapest fuel available to fleets in the UK.


CNG refuelling stations are unmanned, secure and visually discrete.

Customers are able to access their accounts via personalized electronic FOBs.

Refuelling an HGV is very safe and simple, and takes as little as 3 minutes for a full fill at our stations.

CNG trailers are used to transport large quantities of CNG. They comprise a trailer bed, holding multiple interconnected gas cylinders, and can store up to 10,000 kgs of CNG.

CNG Fuels will utilise trailers to carry CNG:
  • between our on-grid ‘Mother’ stations and off-grid ‘Daughter’ stations
  • to customer’s private Daughter stations
  • to industrial facilities located off the gas grid.


CNG trucks come in two predominant forms:
  • Run exclusively on gas with spark ignition
  • Substantial fuel cost savings and emissions reductions
  • Available in models ranging in size from vans up to 340hp (4×2) tractor units
  • 400+hp, 6×2 OEM models available from early 2017
  • Range: 500km+
  • Payback: ~2 years
  • Ideal uses: HGV haulage/refuse/buses


  • Run on both diesel and natural gas
  • Substitution rates around 45%
  • Extended range over dedicated
  • Lower cost savings and emissions reductions
  • Payback: ~2-2.5 years
  • Uses: HGV haulage


Biomethane is the cleanest gas available to HGVs. It is chemically no different from CNG and LNG. Anaerobic digestion facilities capture methane from decomposing food waste, slurry and energy crops and inject it into the natural gas grid, and thereby prevent methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas, from entering the atmosphere.

100% biomethane is supplied at all of CNG Fuels’ stations. Our biomethane is sourced from food waste, and approved under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. We provide customers with certificates stating their GHG emissions savings which can then be reported to customers, suppliers and regulators.

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